I know what I’m doing in December!

Prismacolor, which is probably the most popular artist’s colored pencil  (at least here in the US), is having an art contest! I of course can not wait to enter. The winner gets to have their art piece on the Prismacolor tin. That is a huge deal, seeing as they sell millions of those things at billions of places . (Disclaimer: I may be exaggerating a little.)

Due to NaNoWriMo (28,000 words in now) I didn’t enter the CPSA’s “Explore This” as planned.  I am grinding through my novel with at least 1000 words nightly. It’s fun, and I think I have a decent idea, but it restricts time for everything else. I thought about entering “Reflection” into the Prismacolor contest, but it has a lot of Caran d’Ache Luminance in it. I thought about entering “Lipstick”, but it has been in a contest before which disqualifies it. So, I plan on creating a brand new 100% Prismacolor piece for this contest. Entries are due by January 3rd. Some great entries are in so far, and I know there are great CP artists out there getting a jump on me right now.

I encourage everyone who likes colored pencils to give it a shot. Let’s show the world wat you can do with colored pencils! But first I need to write 22,000 more words. Oh, and I also need to play some more Skyrim!


You can find the contest on Facebook here: http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/172075


A month of writing

I haven’t done a bit of art since I finished “Reflection.” What I have done is write 17,000 words for National Novel Writing Month so far! It is a challenge; I don’t feel like writing very much after working, driving home through hell traffic, making dinner and so on. So I have been devoting my precious art time to writing, and I do feel a little bad about it.

The CPSA has their deadline for the “Explore This!” Expo next week. I am hoping to finish “Reflection” off with a coat of acrylic  like I used to do on my first colored pencil drawings. My first favorites are a pair of Gray’s tree frog drawings that have a colored pencil base and a thick coat of acrylic and acrylic medium over them. They look more like paintings because of this treatment. But first I need to write a few hundred more words.