I began a blog to force myself to do more to be an “artist.” It’s hard to find time between my real job, the kid, the husband and all of our adventures together to sit down and do art. Maybe the threat of the shame of having a lame blog that is never updated will motivate me to do more art.

I have focused more on colored pencil art in the past few years and find it highly rewarding and very flexible. I can walk away from a colored pencil piece and come back to it later with no ill effects. I can take pencils with me anywhere. My daughter can color along with me without too much mess or the threat of being poisoned by pigments or solvents.

Speaking of which, I also enjoy creating tiny oil paintings. They allow me to quickly get ideas and images out of my head. They are more loose and relaxing than my colored pencil drawings in which I focus on details for long periods at a time. All of my available work can be found in my Etsy Shop!

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