The Wrong One

“The Wrong One” is the working title for this piece that I hope to enter in Prismacolor’s art contest. I was able to start it the other night. Looking at all of the other entries; this is going to be tough. I have about four hours into this piece so far. The .gif shows the process I take pretty well. The last frame shows where I am now. This is the part where I start losing confidence that the background is going to turn out all right. I have begun burnishing the light spots in the background with Prismacolor’s Cream.  Over the cream color, I can add back both light highlights and darker green.

I plan on finishing the background about 90% before moving on to the hand and toad. I think that will take three or four more evenings of work. It feels really good to be getting back into a drawing. Stay tuned to see if I mess it up!

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