In charge of my own (printing) destiny!

I was fortunate enough to make a little money selling some of my photographs at my day job. My rule is that when I make extra cash selling art I have to put a chunk of it into something artistic, especially when it comes to photography. There are always great upgrades to lenses, and as photography is mainly a hobby for me I can’t justify spending money on expensive equipment all the time.

This time I immediately thought PRINTER! I have access to great printers at work, but it isn’t always practical or affordable to make a lot of prints at work on the large format printers. I have been lucky this year with good Etsy print sales so far this year and it is great to be able to print on demand and be in full control of my own art prints. Now I’ll have that capability 24/7.

I chose an Epson because I am familiar with them and their papers and ICC profiles. This printer’s inks are rated to last 200 years; more if the print is kept in darkness. Coupled with acid free papers, you get a great quality print that will last.

An original and a print on top of the r2000


This photo shows a print on fine art paper next to the original colored pencil drawing. Besides seeing the actual texture of pencil on paper they are very similar. It’s exciting to see them come slowly to life out of this beast.


To celebrate, I am offering 10% off everything in My Etsy Shop for a limited time. So come get your prints! The code is LARGEMARGE because that is the printer’s name, of course. We can’t wait to print something for you!

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