Still Life with Apple Jar

I had this idea a couple years ago – to have a snake inside an apple-shaped jar in a still life. The connection between snake and apple has been made for hundreds of years now, never mind that the Bible makes no mention of apples specifically. It’s funny how our culture latches on to things – true or not – and they become a kind of truth.

I had this idea and procured the apple shaped jar from Etsy. It’s a nice jar. This jar sat on our piano for nearly two years. We put rocks in it. The snake I was going to put inside of it grew too large to fit. Finally, with a month left before the 21st Annual CPSA International Show stops accepting entries, I began planning the drawing once and for all.

Snake, apple, jar and flowers all posed and viola~ “Still Life With Apple Jar”.


Hopefully it makes it into this year’s CPSA show. If it does or does not, I am happy with the direction of my artwork lately. I can look around my house and see a complete body of work that all relates to one another. It’s great. My next piece is very similar to this one, and then when I am finished with that, it will be spring.

My spring plans are to catch a frog or two. My work is missing frogs. They’re faster than toads and won’t sit for photos as well, but maybe somewhere out there, there’s a crown shaped jar?

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