New Year, New Series


Okay, so I made these last year. I got sick of framing and then lugging around framed pieces to art shows. I am not totally convinced a good colored pencil piece needs the protection of a glazing. I use light fast colored pencils and acid free paper. They should last for a long time even in the sun.

So I mounted some Stonehenge paper on to some cradled boards using an acid free bookbinding glue. I drew on these. I sealed the drawings with some UV protective varnish. Viola! No frames, beautiful art.


Maple Leaves 1


This is a fun new series, and I am exited about it. So far I have 8 10×10″ pieces. I bought some 6×6″ and 10×22″ boards and have tons of photos to work from. I have been photographing nature close up for about 5 years and so far have about 20 good compositions cropped from these photos. I am trying to be more loose and abstract with these squares while still suggesting the nature items they depict. So far I am happy with the results!

I don’t plan on abandoning my main series of still lives, however. I am hoping “Curio” makes it into the CPSA “Explore This” Exhibition and I am planning a new fish piece for entry into the CPSA 22nd International Exhibition. 2014 will be the year of squares and fish. Maybe some fish squares. I need to catch and photograph a few. Lucky for me I live in the “City of Lakes.” Unlucky for me, they are all frozen solid. I guess I will stay inside and knit for a while instead.

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