Tadpole Songs

So one fateful day on the internet, I found a pond supply company selling Anaxyrus americanus tadpoles. That is, of course , American toad babies. They didn’t have any in stock in February when I found the link, but they had a fateful form. “Let me know when American toad tadpoles are in stock.”


I filled out that form and a week ago I got the call. (E-mail, really.) Six tadpoles for twelve dollars. I don’t know how one says “no” to that. Ten minutes after receiving that e-mail I had some baby toads on the way.


So here they are. We received eight little sperm-like critters in a plastic bag. We put them into our sadly empty aquarium. In true eat-anything toad fashion, they prefer lettuce as their main meal.  I am very encouraged that they are so far after 24 hours all still alive and seemingly thriving.


So this means I will hopefully have some tadpole/changeling/toadlet art in the near future. They are so incredibly tiny right now. they are also a great mystery. Unlike we humans who develop in secret, toads develop out in the open, for all to observe. I can’t wait to watch them become little toadies!



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