“T” Time

This past weekend, a show at the Edina Art Center opened that I am proud to be included in. It is ten artists and our art based on the letter “T”. T for Toad – get it? I get a lot of visitors at art fairs calling them frogs, and that is OK. I don’t blame anyone for not knowing which is which. Either does this gal.



She’s a toad.

Come down between February 28th and April 1st 2015 and see this Showgirl, more new work by me and great work by other artists. I also recommend checking out the classes they have at the Art Center, and taking a walk around Lake Cornelia which is right outside. Some of the toads in my work were photographed out there. It is a very rich place for wildlife despite it’s relatively small size. I have found toads copulating there two different seasons. I know that sounds like something a crazy person would go looking for, but there you have it!


So, ahem, speaking of photography. I have had an older dSLR body just sitting around. It is my “back up” camera, but since I don’t bring my nicer camera with me except for planned outings and vacations, I thought why not make this my every day everywhere I can lose it in a snowbank and not feel too bad camera?

I just had one “problem.” No camera bag.

Well, OK; I have a few camera bags and even a couple purses that work really well AS camera bags. But I never had one small enough for one body and that does not scream “camera.” I looked for a bag and even found a couple that are remotely girly and cute, which the camera bag industry is slowly getting better at.

Alas, every purse-like camera bag was either too expensive, too frilly looking for me or made of “faux leather.” Ugh. I don’t know if I like any material less than fake leather. It feels so plastic to me. Probably because it is made of plastic. And these bags aren’t cheap! $200 and more for “leather” that will wear away to reveal little threads criss crossing about? $200 + for a bag that will creak and crack on a cold day like this? No thanks!

So I had no choice but to make one. I had a couple deer leather hides lying around from making thin wallets to sell on Etsy. I had the first sweater I knit from pure bulky wool. I felted the daylights out of the sweater and devised a more than simple pattern for the basic bag shape. Here a zipper, there some webbing; add two of the beautiful buttons (from the sweater) that I bought at Linden Yarn and Textiles for eyes, and viola!

Sometimes it’s good to be a hoarder. (Of craft supplies at least.) Behold my goofy snakey camera purse bag!


Next, to finish Husband’s sweater vest. Then I can get back to drawing!!





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