Art I Like

I spend a lot of time looking at artwork, for my day job and even at home. Sometimes all that art can blend together, and so I feel that it is important for me to pause and think about the artwork that I really like. Here are a few of the artists that have impressed me lately.

Beth Cavener Stitcher’s work is breathtaking. The scale of her ceramic animals is mind boggling, and that is only the beginning. I hope to see some of her work in person some day, because as powerful as they are in photographs, the real thing has to be even more incredible.

Ranjini Venkatachari is one of my favorite colored pencil artists. I especially like her brightly colored works. Her art really illustrates the luminance one can achieve with colored pencil.

Then there is Doug Bloodworth. I love everything about his “pop” body of work; the colors, the subjects (especially the Oreos), and of course how ridiculously real they are. His paintings are so vibrant and fun; I would love to be able to achieve his level of detail in oil paint some day. Not only that, but many of his works are huge, which only magnifies the awesomeness.