After two months of drawing, I think I’m finally finished with my latest colored pencil piece. “Reflection.” Thank God! I still want to do a mixed media piece to enter into the CPSA‘s Explore This expo, and the deadline is November 15th! The Colored Pencil Society has been a great motivator form e this year. This will be the fifth finished piece I have done in 2011. I usually finish one or two at the most. Here’s “Reflection.” I may enter it into next year’s International Expo, but because it is 100% colored pencil it doesn’t qualify for the CPSA’s upcoming show.

I can already see more things I’d like to change.  We’re close, though.  I took good photos along the way and hope to have an animated gif of the process put together soon. This is the same toad who posed for me in “Lipstick.” I liked the reflection idea and whipped up a three way mirror with some tiles from Micheal’s.

My next piece will feature a new fabulous amphibian model (although to be fair, all of my models look pretty much alike.) It will be colored pencil with some acrylic paint to qualify it for “Explore This.” It is also more in the vein of “Lipstick.” I can’t wait to get started.

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