Halloween Nail Art

Last week I took a break from my traditional art making. I can’t totally shun creativity for long and so I found myself making some fingernail art. I was reading my favorite Internet forums and they pointed to a contest on Facebook for horror movie themed fingernails. The salon nail polish company OPI was having a giveaway where the best nails would take home some glow in the dark nailpolish among other goodies. I decided to enter. For some reason, I noticed my fingernails about two months ago and became really in to painting them, so this seemed like a great idea. We happened to be watching the horror  classic “The Exorcist” as our Halloween themed Netflix viewing for the time being, and so I decided to take that theme to my nails.

This is what I came up with:

Possessed Reagan puking her famous pea green vomit. The Exorcist is a much more disturbing movie to me now that I have a kid; I can’t imagine if mine was possessed by the devil. As much as it sometimes seems she already is, the ordeal in The Exorcist is crazy.

It was fun to paint my nails. I used a tiny oil painting brush and about ten colors of polish. I hope to score some free nail polish, but really it was just fun. I wore these nails to work a couple days and then out to a some fun fall themed get-togethers. I have never been a fingernail person, but I have found that keeping my nails up is relaxing and fun, even with short little fingernails!

Now, back to some colored pencil works. Well, maybe after the pumpkin carving. . .

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